6. Treasury

The ecosystem treasury holds 34% of the total JOY tokens
  • The goal of the treasury is to manage and grow Joystick assets. The treasury funds will be utilized in a responsible manner for the benefit of the Joystick ecosystem and all JOY holders.
  • The treasury will be managed by a Gnosis safe multi-signature wallet.

Use of Funds

  • Global expansion through marketing and advertising
Increasing brand visibility and attracting new users through targeted marketing campaigns and advertising efforts.
  • Product development
Continued development both improving our existing products and services, as well as creating new ones to meet the demands of our users and the market.
  • Research and development
Investing in researching emerging technologies and trends within the web3 space to stay ahead of the curve and continue to provide innovative solutions for our users.
  • Acquisitions
Considering potential acquisition opportunities to expand our product offerings, acquire talent and expertise, invest in playable NFTs, digital land, partnership tokens and OTC deals on existing and future web3 games.
  • Infrastructure and operations
Investing in robust infrastructure and operational support to ensure that our products and services are running efficiently and effectively.
  • Legal and compliance
Ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and legal requirements, and investing in legal counsel to provide guidance on legal and regulatory matters.