4. Technology

JOY Token

JOY tokens are ERC-20 tokens issued on the Ethereum network.
The JOY token is a utility token at the heart of the Joystick ecosystem, and offers exclusive access to games, events, merchandise, and services that are otherwise unavailable. JOY also provides a valuable opportunity for third-party developers seeking to participate in our community, by allowing them to incorporate JOY into their services, games, and other projects, tapping into the vast potential of the web3 economy.

1UP LIVE Streaming Gamification

Phase 1: 1UP LIVE gamifies streaming, making all styles of content far more engaging. Viewers connect with creators and community, competing in live Q&A competitions and climbing leaderboards to win prizes and rewards.
A new way to interact with and engage your audience, every single stream brings a unique, customized experience creating a higher level of connection. Everyone is incentivized, those that play and win the most are rewarded.

Game Agnostic Rental & Trading Platform

Our Game Agnostic Rental and Trading Platform uses scalable rental management tools to provide solutions across a range of web3 games. Our technology optimizes rental activities and yield generation, including tracking and reporting, token swaps, AI modeling, onboarding, and coaching.

Advancing Technologies

We will continue to create various technological solutions to facilitate the growth of the Joystick ecosystem, including: content and gamification technology, verifiable digital authentication (smart contract) technology, and data analytics and management technology.