1. Vision

The Joystick vision is to empower and improve the lives of our token holders and community members by giving them access to the most exciting opportunities in the evolving gaming industry.
Our unique approach makes us the most exciting gaming ecosystem in the world. We deliver the education, tools and resources for anyone to explore emerging opportunities within the web3 gaming and metaverse economies.
Joystick’s thriving community members will gain access to all current and future Joystick ecosystem capabilities. This will allow members to capitalize on gaming and creative opportunities in the new world of decentralized blockchain and tokenized gaming economies.
Joystick has a very narrow set of goals that focus on making web3 gaming and content creation viable options for community members to take control and uplift themselves and their loved ones. The community promotes its own growth by supporting each other and sharing these benefits with new members.
Our long term aspiration is to create an environment where anyone can rise up and achieve financial freedom by owning gaming assets and creating content around the gaming & metaverse industries.
Joystick also aims to help future web3 blockchain games, NFT games and metaverses succeed, delivering tremendous value to our communities and furthering the growth of the industry as a whole.